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Stop Motion Videos

To Move (to LA) or Not Move

My first fully worked out stop motion concept using paper. I learned how to create blinking and that working on larger scale props is SO much easier than teeny tiny stuff.  Inspired by my move to LA which resulted in a u-turn right back to San Francisco (where I had left my heart).

Ice Cream Love

One of my first attempts at claymation. Ice cream making us happy on the gloomiest of days.

Quarantine Crafts

The Frown Upside Down Project

I’m making 100 Frown Upside Downs in hopes of making at least 100 people smile. I think a lot about my environmental and emotional impact of my art and what happens after I create something and put it out in the world.    Objects that mean something to us can shift our mood and perspective, reflecting the power we inherently possess to do the same. Handmade, ceramic pieces, made in San Francisco.

Covid Illustrations
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